Bowser, American Black BearBowser’s Peace Sanctuary is a judgment-free, safe place to experience, connect, and heal with nature. Here you will find a chance to sit with the spirit that is nature and Mother Earth, and some of her creatures. Our experience is that this connection is vital to well-being, and we are creating a peaceful place where people can experience a guided tour to meet Bowser, the American Black Bear who shares his amazing spirit to help us all contemplate a different perspective. You can also meet, feed, and get lost in the powerful presence of Billy & Bambi the American Bison, as well as several horses, and our wonderful pack of Great Danes.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing programming with a mission to connect individuals back to nature, inspire hope, awaken new perceptions, and encourage gratitude and living a meaningful life.

Join us, meet Bowser and celebrate the joy and serenity of our Peace Sanctuary at 34080 Rattlesnake Hill Rd, Tecumseh 74873.

Feature Video by Haley Humphrey

Our programs include the Healing Circle which we host each Sunday afternoon (weather permitting) for individuals who want to connect with the Healing Power of Nature in a meeting format situated around a fire.

Our Mindfulness in Recovery group enhances any twelve-step program and meets each Thursday at 6 PM at the Shawnee Senior Center. 401 N. Bell Shawnee, OK 

The Spirit Coach, a one-of-a-kind horse-drawn carriage, is a way to connect with nature both at the Sanctuary and at community events. We offer free rides to the community, including young people in the foster system, and homeless children.
We are currently in the process of adapting one of our
carriages to be wheelchair-accessible, which will allow people of all abilities not only to ride in the carriage safely but help drive the horses.

Photo by Cindy White

Rides in our Spirit Coach, sponsored by community organizations and businesses in Shawnee are happening frequently. Follow us on Facebook to learn about upcoming dates.

To make a tax-deductible donation to help us build and improve the peace sanctuary, please visit our Donate site.

A limited number of Spirit Bracelets made from Bowser’s gifted fur have been spun into yarn and handmade with love. Bracelets are available as rewards for supporters. We also offer t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, meditation cushions, and more for supporters.


Please contact Stanton Pace with questions: bowserdad8@gmail.com

To help build and improve the Peace Sanctuary, please see our Events page for announcements and follow us on Facebook.

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For questions and more information about Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary and our mission please contact info@bowserspeacesanctuary.com

Appointments are available for our new Forest Therapy Connection and for regular sanctuary visits.

Community Service

Bowser's Peace Sanctuary offers many different options for community service. For more information please email bpssh@bowserspeacesanctuary.com
or visit our support page.

Stay up to date with Bowser and friends by following and subscribing to our ‘Connection List’ & social media accounts. 

"Every person has value. They have importance, worth, and usefulness.

Stanton Pace invited me and the community to slow down, take a deep breath, and recognize that we are connected...to nature...to each other...to ourselves.  The way he moves in the world has challenged me to let go of time constraints, expectations, and judgements whenever possible.  He accepts each difficulty as a gift from the Universe...an opportunity to release ego, strengthen character, and grow in peace. Mindfulness in Recovery Meetings, Carriage Rides, and Bowser's Peace Sanctuary are all opportunities he provides for any and every community member to break from mental disturbances and connect to spirit.  During my own Forest Therapy Walk, I sat with the trees and heard, "You are safe here."  Stanton Pace is the physical embodiment of unconditional love and you can't help but to be better from knowing him. "


-Alicja Carter