Healing Circle & Mindfulness in Recovery

We invite you to come and share and release any negative feelings and feel the power of peace in nature by joining us at the Peace Sanctuary on Sunday afternoons (weather permitting) to experience the serenity and power of nature by walking our trails, riding in the Spirit Coach, and participating in our weekly evening Healing Circle.

Carving by Stanton Pace
Healing Circle most Sundays. All are welcome.

We now offer a Mindfulness in Recovery meeting every Thursday at 6 PM at the Shawnee Senior Center 401 N. Bell, Shawnee, OK

Spirit Coach Rides

The Spirit Coach, a one-of-a-kind horse-drawn carriage, is a way to connect with nature both at the Peace Sanctuary and at community events. We offer free rides to the community, including young people in the foster system, and homeless children. We are currently in the process of adapting one of our
carriages to be wheelchair-accessible, which will allow people of all abilities not only to ride in the carriage safely but help drive the horses. 

Video by Daniel Shaughnessy. Your tax-deductible donations help bring the joy and wonder of the Spirit Coach to our shared community. 

Our team of Belgian Draft horses, Thunder and Dreamer gently, calmly, and easily take us thru the woods, around Bowser’s Area, by the Buffalos, or down country roads at the Peace Sanctuary, awakening our spirit and inviting new perspectives on the joys of life, peace in our quietness, and healing our worries.
For this refreshing experience at your event, we can bring the “Spirit Coach” to your location, sharing with your guests, friends, and family.
The “Spirit Coach” is an awesome replica stagecoach, Seats 4 adults or 6 kids inside, 3 adults on the rear boot, and an additional 2 up top to help drive the team. Outfitted with old-style lanterns, safety lights in the back, and atmospheric lights inside, the Coach can also be decorated to fit your theme, or with graphics promoting your company, product, or cause.
The Coach is also available for display advertising at your location.
We take safety precautions and have trained staff, to keep all comfortable, and we are fully insured to protect hosts and promoters of events. The Carriage Service has been created to support the Peace Sanctuary in our effort to help others who may be in a disturbance filled life, to begin experiencing peace by way of powerful experiences with our natural beings, such as riding in the Spirit Coach and connecting with the horses, where we are literally relying on them. Carriage service income supports the programming and mission of the Peace Sanctuary.

We are so grateful to our sponsors for Spirit Coach rides in Shawnee: Gateway Prevention and Recovery Inc., First United Bank, Cale Horton Farrier Service, Safe Events for Families Shawnee, and Doggie Spot

Peace Sanctuary Booth at Block pARTy Event in Shawnee. Summer 2021 Block pARTy every third Friday. Photo by Cindy White

If you, your business, or organization would like to sponsor rides, you’ll find us every third Friday at the Shawnee Block pARTy, or you may contact us:

Or visit our Donate page.

One recent visitor has described her experience at Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary:

“Today I had the rare opportunity to hang out with a full-grown […] bear named Bowser. Bowser is owned by Stan Pace, one of the most loving and peaceful people I have ever met. At this moment I was sitting on the ground with Bowser in front of me, and I felt peace. Something about the atmosphere and Bowser just worked wonders on me. I felt absolute awe that God allowed me to be put in this moment. {{…I also fed Bowser two pounds of grapes}}”  — Lauren Southerland