Just yesterday two close friends reminded me of the quote from Johann Hari:

“So The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s connection.” 

We are growing “connection” together in so many ways.

We are so grateful to announce that Bowsers Peace Sanctuary has been approved by the IRS

as a legal public charity 501(c)(3)

which means your donations are tax-deductible. 

After last week’s events with the damage and then repairs to Bowser’s pen, we are especially motivated to build a covered meeting place for winter and rainy weather during healing circle, and to work with you as we continue to grow. Last year, many people came together to help build Bowser’s pen and celebrate the opening of the Peace Sanctuary. I invite you to join us at the Peace Sanctuary to experience the serenity and power of nature, and I’d like to ask you to invite your friends and neighbors to support us with tax-deductible donations, community organization partnerships, or by lending a hand however you are inspired to connect.

Show your support: Donate – Bowser’s Habitat

Recovery Circle & Healing Circle

We now offer a recovery circle (meeting) on Wednesday nights, and we continue our healing circle on Sunday nights.

Spirit Coach Rides

We are so grateful to our newest sponsors for Spirit Coach rides in Shawnee Gateway Prevention and Recovery Inc., Shawnee Flea Market and Trading Post, and Doggie Spot. 

Peace Sanctuary Booth at Block pARTy Event in Shawnee. Photo by Cindy White

If you, your business or organization would like to sponsor rides, please contact us.

This has shown me the power of connection: the opposite of addiction.

Thank you, thank you

Fred Gipson, attorney for preparing and filing our non-profit designation

Cindy White, photographer for great photos from Shawnee Block Party Spirit Coach Rides

Haley Humphrey, journalist for helpful and beautiful U Central News video 

Safe Events for Families, for bringing us together for the Shawnee events in October

Gateway Prevention and Recovery Inc, for sponsoring Spirit Coach rides and Wednesday circle

Doggie Spot, for sponsoring Spirit Coach rides

 peace/love — Stanton Pace

Photo by Cindy White
T-Shirts available

Join us, meet Bowser and celebrate the joy and serenity of our Peace Sanctuary.

Bracelets made by hand from Bowser’s brushed fur. Limited supply
Meditation cushion. $10

Sunday Healing Circle & Wednesday Recovery Circle  — weekly, weather permitting

Healing Circle most Sundays. All are welcome.

All are welcome to come and share and release any negative feelings and feel the power of peace in nature.

One recent visitor has described her experience at Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary:

“Today I had the rare opportunity to hang out with a full-grown grizzly bear named Bowser. Bowser is owned by Stan Pace, one of the most loving and peaceful people I have ever met. In this moment I was sitting on the ground with Bowser in front of me, and in this moment, I felt peace. Something about the atmosphere and Bowser just worked wonders on me. I felt absolute awe that God allowed me to be put in this moment. {{…I also fed Bowser two pounds of grapes}}”

— Lauren Southerland